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Cycling to the airport

Where to leave your bike at the airport


Cycling to East Midlands Airport

East Midlands Airport is working with Sustrans and the local authorities to ensure cycle routes to the airport are both safe and pleasant. In 2006, a new cycle link opened to enable safer access to the airport, particularly for cyclists travelling from the south. The crossing is located at Bleak House where Diseworth Lane joins the A453.

Pressure sensitive detectors on the cycle link trigger Cycle Activated Traffic Signs (CATS) on the approaches to the crossing and this will display a ‘Slow Down’ message with flashing amber lights to drivers on the A453.

Covered cycle parking is located at the Terminal Building next to Departures.

If you wish to take your bike by air, you should check the requirements with your airline before travelling.

Download our handy Cycle Leaflet for top cycling and training tips, alongside an EMA area cycle route map.